lf I Had A Book

If I had a book
I would bury my feet in its wadable waters
Walk through the fields of its fragrant flowers
Be carried away by its luring air
Be warmed sitting beside its hearth in a chair

If I had a book
I would journey along its burbling brooks
Find daring adventure in its wild woods
Visit its cities, every cranny and nook
See the world from where the eagle looks

If I had a book
And in bed or couch where I should
Alone with a livid world I would
See into palaces and thoughts I could
Fight storms and villains like a hero would
Contend with the world for my love like Romeo could

If I had a book
I would laugh alone like I was crazy
I would cry after the tale and tragedy
I would walk with men great and small
Identify with women weak and strong
And still wonder why it never bothers the throng

O the chills and thrills and drills
That would turn, swirl and twirl
Twist, spin and change my world
If I had a book


Praise Worthy

A half an hour ride
Maybe more for the hefty
traffic slowing the ride
He descends to hailing voices
and waving arms
Disbelieving stares
following closely behind
About him, an air of
doubtful satisfaction
His “ordinary man” impersonation
Soon floods the media stations
Because he joined a
public transportation
The statesman’s stunt is praise
His rare condescendingness
only too cosmetic

Where Is Ubuntu?


Where is Ubuntu?
Ubuntu is out there
On the streets
Marching like a storm
Ubuntu scares

Where is Ubuntu?
Ubuntu wields a sledge
And a club in his defense
Ubuntu murders
Ubuntu swears
His morsels are stolen
By sojourners
So he sneers

Ubuntu says
He isn’t because we are
Ubuntu gathered
Now he scatters

 (Xenophobic attack on Emmanuel Sithole, a Mozambican in South Africa. Emmanuel eventually died from injuries sustained in the attack.Photo Credit: James Otaway.Sunday Times, SA)

Never Seen Again

She would read my poems
And tell me excitedly about them
Those of love, lands and pains
Of pride, politics and strains
She would pester me about how good they are
Her constant acclaim were a pleasurable bother
It looked like I made her day
When I did write one for her sake
On her birthday, so amazed
And crazed she did say it was great
Though it wasn’t one that featured my heart’s state
Waves of mirth flushed her face
Just an honest tease of a friend’s graceful image
Her excitedness couldn’t have been misplaced
And for months I remained in her hall of fame
Then the curtains closed on the stage
Along with the applause which too faded
Before I could send my heart her way
Wrapped in poems to say that I felt that way
She was not to be seen again

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