lf I Had A Book

If I had a book
I would bury my feet in its wadable waters
Walk through the fields of its fragrant flowers
Be carried away by its luring air
Be warmed sitting beside its hearth in a chair

If I had a book
I would journey along its burbling brooks
Find daring adventure in its wild woods
Visit its cities, every cranny and nook
See the world from where the eagle looks

If I had a book
And in bed or couch where I should
Alone with a livid world I would
See into palaces and thoughts I could
Fight storms and villains like a hero would
Contend with the world for my love like Romeo could

If I had a book
I would laugh alone like I was crazy
I would cry after the tale and tragedy
I would walk with men great and small
Identify with women weak and strong
And still wonder why it never bothers the throng

O the chills and thrills and drills
That would turn, swirl and twirl
Twist, spin and change my world
If I had a book


Published by

Kwaku Feni Adow

Kwaku Feni Adow is a writer, poet and student from Ghana. He is a member of Africa Haiku Network, Ghana Haiku Society and UHTS (United Haiku and Tanka Society, America). He writes Haiku from his home country and has received publications in haiku journals the likes of The Mamba, Brass Bell, Under the Basho, Frameless Sky, Cattails, Failed Haiku, including Honourable Mentions in online haiku contests. He is the winner of Babishaiku 2016, Africa’s first haiku contest organised by Babishai Niwe Poetry Foundation, Uganda.

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