Never Seen Again

She would read my poems
And tell me excitedly about them
Those of love, lands and pains
Of pride, politics and strains
She would pester me about how good they are
Her constant acclaim were a pleasurable bother
It looked like I made her day
When I did write one for her sake
On her birthday, so amazed
And crazed she did say it was great
Though it wasn’t one that featured my heart’s state
Waves of mirth flushed her face
Just an honest tease of a friend’s graceful image
Her excitedness couldn’t have been misplaced
And for months I remained in her hall of fame
Then the curtains closed on the stage
Along with the applause which too faded
Before I could send my heart her way
Wrapped in poems to say that I felt that way
She was not to be seen again

All Rights Reserved


Published by

Kwaku Feni Adow

Kwaku Feni Adow is a writer, poet and student from Ghana. He is a member of Africa Haiku Network, Ghana Haiku Society and UHTS (United Haiku and Tanka Society, America). He writes Haiku from his home country and has received publications in haiku journals the likes of The Mamba, Brass Bell, Under the Basho, Frameless Sky, Cattails, Failed Haiku, including Honourable Mentions in online haiku contests. He is the winner of Babishaiku 2016, Africa’s first haiku contest organised by Babishai Niwe Poetry Foundation, Uganda.

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